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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

BLM12-8MB Compressed Earth Block Machine.

 The old story answers the riddle with one bite at a time! From our perspective at Earth Tek, the only way forward to an equitable, peaceful world is much like eating an elephant; we want to build peace and security one block at a time.   Peace is returning to strife-ridden parts of our world. Those who fled and those who survived are looking for ways to rebuild their lives and their fortunes. This has potential to stimulate the local economy, but with the momentum, prices are rising while materials are scarce.  A small cross section of returning citizens will have the cash to start over, but for the majority, jobs are rare, and a path forward to provide shelter and safety is beyond their means. This is a fundamental and critical issue facing many war-torn areas of our world.   
  Countries like Iraq are becoming repopulated with their returning refugees, some 5 million hopefuls, as well as opportunists who all need places to live. There is a great need for gainful employment but with home prices escalating and wages that barely allow subsistence living most of these folks are relegated to tent cities or worse.   
  A peaceful society needs jobs, and they need homes, they need to know that the fruits of their labors are going to rebuild their futures. They need to know that they count for something and that what they are working for has meaning. Life in a tent city or on the street will only breed unrest and more civil strife. If we are going to keep the peace, we have to solve these two problems of job and home.
          Making Block, Building Dreams!
 What if we could do both at the same time, with the same initiative? What if we could use local resources for the bulk of our homes and employ thousands in the process? What if we could create an industry that spread its wings to the gainful employment of millions? And what if we could do this sustainably, using the least amount of energy for both the building as well as the livability of these communities?
  We believe that we have a viable solution or at least one of the most basic solutions; build Earth homes out of local raw materials with local labor, houses that can be built for considerably less than conventional means yet are durable, comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable. Homes that provide shelter, yet feel like home rather than a bunker. Homes built from the least expensive and most available raw material available worldwide and require the least amount of energy to operate.   
  The large-scale production of homes equals the creation of mass manufacturing of components. This will facilitate the demand necessary to create raw product manufacturing.  Projects like this require an immense amount of very basic labor, education, and management. All of these components combined can benefit the local, as well as the national governments, and are all self -perpetuating because demand for new homes will never cease.   
 Our world is critically behind in this fundamental need for shelter and gainful employment. The need to catch up with supply and demand remains critical. A sustainable plan is needed and a solution for producing several hundred thousand structures a year is crucial. We here at EarthTek believe we have a plan to accomplish just that, one compressed earth block machine at a time. 

Dan Powell EarthTek LLC 8/2018

Thanks to Lell Trogdon for the rewrite!

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As simple as they can get and still make a reliable block, The BLM12-8MB is my machine of choice for homing the world!

The Compressed Earth Block

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This BadBoy is the real deal, the answer to how we can make this thing work!

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